All of a sudden the need to change your surroundings hits you!

Here are a few tricks to avoid some of the common decorating errors and help ensure the success of your endeavor..

1. Beware of too small area rugs


2. Don’t forget the head of the bed…


3. Move in before choosing the furniture


4. Don’t buy anything that you don’t really “love” but pounce on opportunities!

Although it may be tempting to take the easy way out, time may lead to heightened satisfaction!


 5. Limit the number of small, decorative accessories to avoid this…..


6. If you like beige, consider all of the possibilities

Some may have a greenish tinge while others are reminiscent of yellow or pink…you can really spoil the look of your decor with the wrong choice and it costs no more to choose the right color than it does the wrong one!
Take the time to really consider all of the choices in the light of day and evening and especially in relation to the furniture to see how the different tints look together. A yellow/beige sofa with a pink/beige wall is something that you do not want to live with!


7. Accentuating the the entrance to the detriment of everything else!


8. Avoid painting the moldings white


9. If you want to show off a collection, group the objects don’t scatter them around!


10. Pay particular attention to the height of frames…