Building a home is a major investment which consumes large amounts of resources including financial, time and energy. In the following paragraphs, you will discover some of the essential steps prior to the build to help ensure that you live through your project with the least amount of stress possible!

Financing: Start out knowing your borrowing capacity from your financial institution early in the process to avoid disappointments based on unrealistic ideas about how much you can obtain. It is not recommended to exceed 30% to 40% of the family income with regards to the total of home expenses as a commitment that exceeds 40% will probably have a negative impact on your quality of life

Design: Once a budget has been established and municipal regulations have been consulted, take the time to list the rooms and other specifics that you want in your new home (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, with or without a garage, vestibule and/or mud room, kitchen island, etc.)
Once you have this list, you can consult the stock plans on our web site,
Our technical specialists can help you design the home that meets your needs by personalizing the plan of your choice to add or change any of its features.

The build:Take the time to consult friends and family to find a reputable contractor and don’t be afraid to check references. Ask to see finished projects and be ready to go and visit them in order to see the quality of the workmanship and to speak with the new homeowners about the contractor if at all possible. Obtain quotes from at least 2 or 3 contractors to get a good idea of realistic costs for your project.
If a pre-fabricated home is what you are looking for you can bring your plan to a reputable builder in your area as many manufacturers are able to quote a price based on a plan even if it’s not their own design.

Construction licence: Permit requirements vary enormously from one area to the next so it is of utmost importance to consult the municipal requirements of your city early in the process to ensure that the plans you choose conform.  Set back, distance from neighbors, ridge height, color and type of exterior materials are among the criteria that you must know before selecting your plan to avoid disappointments and delays in getting started.

Analyse the different quotes to choose the contractor who will build the “home of your dreams”. Take the time to scrutinize the construction contract in detail to ensure that everything is there. Payment schedule, lead times, prices before taxes, what is included and what are considered extras, guarantees, etc…
If in doubt, ask questions and get signatures on the contract. Above all take nothing for granted and if it is not clear you are better to spend the time exchanging Emails or other written confirmation than to have unpleasant surprises come and tarnish the beauty of your project.

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