A guest post by Grace Bailey edited by Deb Villeneuve

With the approach of moving day must have already finished with your planning, preparation and the arrangement of everything you need in order to set up your successful arrival in your new property.
You must remember that throughout the whole process the feeling of stress and anxiety will go up with a notch with every day that brings you closer to the move itself but you must always stay calm and concentrated.

This article will provide you with some guidelines on what to do to prep for moving day in the first half of the month before moving day.

Anything can happen and you may choose to change something about your plans or schedule. Should this happen you need to immediately involve everyone who are involved in the process including friends and family.
If you have hired the services of a moving company you will have to tell them right away so that they can plan around the given circumstances. For example, you might want to transport your car earlier, or you might want to put extra protection around some of your more precious furniture or items. Whatever the problem is you need to work it out as fast as possible. If a moving company is there at your disposal, the professional team of a company is more than skilled enough to handle any sort of a drastic change in your plan to take care of the  schedule and estimate the exact number of people that will need to be involved in every separate task so you can be sure that things will be under control.

During the packing, you will have to take some specific decisions of great importance. Remember that every time you ask the moving company to do something for you it will cost you money. Carefully consider the possibility for you to do any stage of the move and to decide whether it is possible to do it yourself. If you leave it to the professionals you will need to specifically inform the moving company what items you wish to be packed and what items you would like to remain unpacked so that you can give away or attempt to sell. Remember to let them know about larger items that may include furniture and appliances or even a piano or other unusual piece. You need to specifically inform the moving company for those because they require more special attention and preparations.
When it comes down to the other living beings in your possession like plants or animals for instance you can give them to your friends or some relatives until you are ready to take them back in your home. For more details you can visit http://www.removalsoffice.co.uk/man-and-van/KT24-van-hire-leatherhead.html