Inspired by the original and ever popular 2185 model, this new version of a 3 bedroom cottage adds 2’ of depth and 3’ to the living room not only increasing the size but giving perfect alignment on the left side which straightens out the projection offered the original and reduces construction costs.
Inside, the increased floor space results in a 15’ by almost 17’ living room and the exceptional 10′ high ceiling gives an increased feeling of space along with nearly two feet added to the depth  of the kitchen/living/dining room area to enhance the country/farm house feel and create a more open living space.
The size of the master bedroom is also enlarged from 12’ to 14’ wide and 14’ deep which permits both increased size of the large walk in closet and a practical independent shower in the bathroom that is sure to please by the generous 42” x 54” dimensions.
The two secondary bedrooms have also been somewhat enlarged to add size and an abundance of closet space.
Another noteworthy feature is that version 2185-V1 has larger bedrooms because of an increase of 6’ to the depth of plan 2185, which is the original inspiration for the series.
The choice of these beautiful and functional models is yours!