Inspired by Jennifer Larocque’s original article
The bedroom is one of the areas that requires the most storage within the home. If you are among those who are looking for unique ideas to add space to your space, look no further|

1. A well designed head-board
This generous size headboard offers storage space on either side to help maximize space in the bedroom.

2. Made to measure
For those with creative abilities, how about designing the unit that is meets your needs perfectly with custom made storage for all of your things. This unique arrangement is not only made-to-measure but can help save and give you the pride of your personal achievement!

3. A storage wall not only offers space but separates rooms as well
This solution offers not only intimacy by separating bedroom from living room but is a great space for clothes or items which would otherwise clutter the living space.

4. A room with a view!
This original place for an extra bed is an imaginative way to increse space and make use of an otherwise lost space above the kitchen by creating a mezzanine style space. Excellent for lofts or other architectural styles with high ceilings and little floor space.

5. A relaxing little space with a dual purpose
A bench can serve not only as seating but by adding doors or drawers it becomes an attractive part of the room that offers a little oasis and storage space at the same time.

6. Organizers that are part of the room décor!
For fashioistas the open concept helps to create a feeling in the room while keeping all of the essentials convenient. This not only extends closet space but completes the room décor in a practical way. The important thig to remember if using this kind of decoration technique is to ensure that everything looks orderly to avoid a messy, unkempt feeling in the room.
Leave it to Ikea to give you all kinds of options to create the space that “fits”

7. An en suite with privacy
Separating the bathroom from the bedroom with a curtain creates the illusion of an extra room

8. A compartment for everything!
A really practical idea, pigeonholes and compartments of all sizes for everything from beautiful, little storage boxes to books, decorations and souvenirs – a novel idea for eliminating clutter.

9. A secret hiding place under the bed!
A platform with a drawer offers a modern yet practical support for the bed since we never have too much storage space and this option can offer the extra closet space that is so often needed.


When shopping for a new home plan, the choice of the model can impact on the amount of storage space available. Here are a few styles of Drummond House Plans that offer walk-in closets in the master bedroom, a wonderful way to get rid of unwanted clutter

This popular, country style home boasts two huge walk-in closets in the master bedroom

Here is a charming little chalet with a mezzanine and a generous walk-in closet in its single bedroom

How about this European style home with a garage and generous closet space in both bedrooms