Abundant natural light in a home not only saves electrical energy, but it gives you more personal energy too. In a normal building, lighting comprises 25 to 40 percent of your energy consumption (and energy bill), says an architecture professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This is one good reason to incorporate clerestories, tubular daylighting devices and more windows.

Another reason to get more light is because of the positive effect that natural light has on well-being. I can speak from some personal experience: After moving from an apartment with a bedroom that was dark all the time to an apartment with three windows that get morning sun, I can tell you that I am more rested, more ready to get up in the morning and more cheerful throughout the day. 

Medical professionals are only at the beginning of this research, but so far, it looks like natural light can benefit homeowners in many rooms by reducing seasonal dips in mood, promoting healing, increasing productivity and more.

Follow the slideshow below for tips on how to add natural light to all of your rooms…