More and more, people are learning the lesson of clutter and how it affects us on a daily basis.

As the years go by, we attach more and more meaning to little things we own, and shelves get fuller and fuller as clutter sneaks up. Tackling it means picking the pieces that mean the most to us, and making sure we celebrate them, rather than just keep them.

When trying to confront clutter, there are lots of ways to bring some of those rediscovered, long-lost items the respect and visibility they deserve.

One great way is with shadow boxes, which truly showcases our things. It’s the decor version of “Hey, Look At Me. I’m Special!

Shadow boxes can be use for any number of things — from aesthetic groupings of a similar things, like vases, through to making a keepsake or memory box of years gone past or loves lost.

What are shadow boxes? The most common form is to use a photo-style frame that has a dropped back, with a greater depth so 3-D items can be displayed. Think of those creepy boxes of dried dead butterflies in the museum. That’s exactly what a shadow box is. They’re frequently wall-mountable, but also work on shelves and other flat surfaces.

If you like the idea of shadow boxes and want ideas on arrangements, read the full article from our friends at BuildDirect here…