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I don’t know about you, but I always have the best of intentions to store all of my ideas. File folders, scrapbooks and a huge archive of bookmarked websites. Backtracking through my links would sometimes require a psychic medium and no one in the household enjoys magazines with pages missing. Because most publications have some or all of their content online as well, I highly recommend that you investigate Pinterest… As a “virtual scrapbook” It is a beautiful way of keeping a visual breadcrumb trail back to the original articles you found the pictures on and provides the flexibility to create “boards” of ideas for specific room ideas and more. As you visit sites with bathrooms, cabinetry, accessories, etc., you’ll be able to get back to the images without having to print them.

There are so many decisions when building a home – the latest building materials, selecting cabinets, colours and hardware. If you don’t have a cadre of designers at your disposal (and with budgeting for a new build, hiring a home-stylist may take a back seat in your priorities), you may need to rely on publications and online resources. While there are many publications which cater to the US market, Canadian sources are more in tune with Canadian trends and available products. 

There are a number of Canadian publications that you can subscribe to, or if you are looking for a greener solution, we’ve included links to the online resources that these publications provide as well. 

Once you have selected your DrummondHousePlan, it is time to start visualizing your new decor…

Where to begin?

If you have no idea of where to get started decorating your new house Canada’s Style at Home is a great starting point. The magazine editors bill themselves as “Canada’s top resource for fabulous decorating, design and entertaining ideas” . Articles written in a friendly and informative tone present decorating ideas in layman’s terms. Even the most design-challenged individual will find value here. Each month they feature articles about interior design, home decorating projects, outdoor living and entertaining.

Canada’s Style at Home Online: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest

Get Inspired

Canadian House & Home is all about design and decorating. Each monthly issue takes you on virtual tours of the most unique and beautiful homes across Canada, providing inspiration and professional articles to help you create the home of your dreams. Each issue features dramatic makeovers, the latest furniture and accessories, renovation tips, and ideas for organizing and entertaining.

Canadian House & Home Online: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Video | Pinterest

For the DIY’er

Many individuals want to take a more “personal” approach to decorating. Canadian Home Workshop has been the go-to publication on home improvement and woodworking for over three decades. In this magazine, you’ll discover articles on project ideas, design techniques, practical renovation information and even home maintenance advice.

Canadian Home Workshop Online: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Make your home functional…

A home is about more than just decor, it needs to be liveable as well. Canadian Living is a magazine that provides daily living tips spanning recipes, household tips and ideas, fashion, crafts and even health and family advice.

Canadian Living Online: Blogs | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest

Make sure your outdoor spaces are enjoyable too!

Few things create a stronger impression than a bit of outdoor curb appeal but many new homeowners are intimidated by a blank landscape canvas. Canadian Gardening is an excellent information source for gardening techniques, recipes, projects and design ideas. The magazine also takes into account the vast differences in Canadian climate and features essential regional information to ensure great curb appeal in all regions of Canada.

Canadian Gardening Online: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Planning your new home can be overwhelming but take it one step at a time and you’ll be fine. Be sure to savour the experience of planning your home and let us know if there are any articles that may help you in this exciting process!



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