Image Source: The Ready Store

Even though it is still very early in the fire season, there have already been some outbreaks of wild fires like the one in Teulon, Manitoba. I sincerely hope it is not a sign of things to come, but if you are in an area prone to brush fires (or would like to simply make your home less susceptible to fire damage), you want to make a careful assessment of your home’s surroundings. Some proactive preparation may actually save your home!

Some areas have building and landscaping codes that require a firebreak. The theory is to deprive an approaching fire of the fuel it needs to reach your home. The typical firebreak is an area 30 feet in diameter around all structures. Some areas may require it to be larger. If in  doubt, check with your local fire department for advice.

This infographic includes tips on how to create your own personal firebreak zone:

Image source: The Ready Store

To read the full article, explaining all of the preventative measures, click here… 

Additional information can be found at the Get Prepared website, a great resource for emergency preparedness of all descriptions.

As you are planning a new home, the use of fire-resistant building materials may be a wise investment and pay for themselves tenfold. Be prepared and stay safe!