I know it is hard to imagine spring when many of us are socked in with snow so it is time to think happy, warm, springtime thoughts! Many cities are amending bylaws to allow laying hens to be kept within city limits. If you are going to have a hen house in your backyard, it should be something beautiful, should it not? Country Living Magazine contributing editor, Heather Bullard has featured her coop in her blog and it is a work to behold.

"Chez Poulet" by Heather Bullard
"Chez Poulet" by Heather Bullard

Being a country girl, I know that the basics of a great space for chickens are:

  • Nesting spaces
  • Roosting spaces
  • Outdoor area
  • Feed area
  • Storage
  • Access for easy cleaning
  • Easy access for collecting eggs
  • Predator-proof

    "Chez Poulet" nesting boxes
    "Chez Poulet" nesting boxes

I have to say that Heather receives kudos for all of the above and does it with such grace and style that anyone would be proud to have a backyard structure like this.

You can learn more about this hen house and follow all of the hen news on Heather’s blog.

Check with your city by-laws before adding laying hens to your family. In most cases where hens are allowed, roosters are not welcome (for the peace and sanity of your neighbors). Fresh eggs are fabulous, but keep in mind that like all pets, chickens require a commitment and they can live for many years.