Dafna Zilafro modern living room
Many of us dream of a wireless home — a place where stereos, speakers and video components all live and work together without the eyesore of ugly wires.To that end, I have good news and bad news.There’s no such thing as a truly wireless home. Electronics need power. Those running on batteries have to be charged or plugged into an outlet. So, at the very least, there are power cords to contend with.

Then there’s the issue of quality and consistency. Most wireless audio and video devices use the same airwaves as cordless phones, cell phones and Wi-Fi networks. When all that data fights for space there are pauses, blips and dead air — like when a video playing on a computer stops and that “buffering” symbol starts spinning.

But new technology allows for increasing degrees of wireless connectivity within the home. At the very least, we can now stream music from different sources to various speakers around the home. It’s not perfect, yet, but it’s getting much better.

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