Simple and sleek interiors are trending and the one thing that does not go with this is clutter. Those who are tethered to their iPads have a tendency to keep that same sleekness in their decor. So what do you do if you can’t imagine being in the kitchen without your iPad?…

Image courtesy of Design Milk

Or what if you want to stay wired during a nice leisurely soak?

Image courtesy of Design Milk

If you are all about minimalism and lack of clutter, Wallee – a company from down under has some accessories that you are sure to appreciate. A sexy little “x” mount allows portrait or landscape viewing of your iPad without unsightly mounting brackets. If you want to keep your unit safe and secure, this is a great option.

The video below shows just how simple this accessories work and keep your space clutter-free!

I checked with them and they are more than happy to ship anywhere world-wide!