Your roof is a workhorse element to your home because your roofing is the first line of defense between you, and the elements all year around.

But, as Autumn progresses into winter months, and moisture and ravaging wind becoming more common, it may be time to consider the state of your roof. 

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… the roof is an all-important part of the home, and a significant part of the weatherproofing of the home. That leaking roof ended up causing more damage than I had thought in just a small expanse of time.

Roofing: repair or replace?

Sometimes you can patch your roof back together instead of going for a whole new roof, but you may be hard-pressed to find a roofer who will do patch work. When a leak occurs, it is sometimes difficult to find a roofer who will just repair a roof instead of replacing it.

This is usually because the roofer makes more money by replacing the roof. That’s not to say that all roofers are out to replace a roof that can simply be repaired. This is certainly not the main reason that a professional roofer will avoid repair work. Roofing repair takes quite a bit of time. The roofer has to determine where the repair is needed – which means the roofer needs time to investigate the problem.

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