With the official onset of autumn, how about a little look into the color psychology of one of the sunniest of the autumnal colors? Many people shy away from using yellow, but a better understanding of this bold color will help to incorporate this uplifting color in your design.

Choosing colors is a powerful tool in setting the tone, matching the moods, complementing daily activities, and stylistically transforming your space.  And we’ve also discovered that colors have multiple effects that are often brought out when using other colors in tandem with them to subtly change their visual dynamics.

In this installment, let’s talk about yellow. When it comes to moods and psychologically positive vibes, there is none more cheery, upbeat, and optimistic than yellow.  Yellow has that element of innocence and purity that makes it a culturally attractive color in the spectrum.

Think goldilocks. Think “Have a Nice Day” buttons.

Yellow is also a great way to brighten up a room without amping up your electricity bill, too.

But, is that all there is to this sunny, energetic member of the rainbow? Is there a dark side

To learn about the moods and effects of yellow, different shades of yellow, and how to use yellow in the various rooms in your home, read the full article…