DrummondHousePlans.com - Plan # 3826 Main Floor
DrummondHousePlans.com - Plan # 3826 Main Floor

When designing floor plans, you will notice that the Drummond design team does a mock placement of typical furniture. We hear time and time again how helpful this is as it provides some idea of how the use of space plays out. Of course, you have full freedom to place your furniture any way you want. The same is true for your kitchen layout. There are kitchen specialists that will work with the space to create a kitchen workspace that is perfect for your needs.

The Decor Girl blog provides some helpful basics of required clearance spaces:

Traffic path – major 36” – 42”

Traffic path – minor 18” – 36”

Space between sofa/chair and coffee table 14” – 18”

Minimum space between edge of dining table and wall 36” (allows room for people to use the chairs)

Traffic path around  occupied dining chairs for serving 18” – 24”

Minimum 42% between dining chairs and furniture with drawers or doors

Allow 22-24” per place setting along a table or counter for eating

8’ to 10’ across is a comfortable diameter for a seated conversation area (Large areas need multiple seating arrangements.)

TV viewing distance is TV size and type dependent. (Helpful link is The Home Cinema Guide)

Height of TV screen should be as near to eye level as possible – NOT OVER THE FIREPLACE!

Space in front of chest of drawers 36”

Space to get in, out, and make the bed 18” – 24”

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