Charming Outbuildings Provide Storage, Workspace or a Quick Getaway

Frenchflair traditional landscape

It’s that time of summer when my husband I start looking at the landscaping. It’s too hot to plant anything in the garden, so we begin analyzing what we should have done in the spring and now must make a point of accomplishing in the fall — or maybe even next weekend.

A shed/garage/barn/studio/guest house is one of those items on our list. We’ve had two gorgeous weeks of nonstop sun, accompanied by a week off. We’re now back to reality and trying to think ahead. We need a place to store our garden stuff, and we’ve been planning to build a shed to round out the garden design since we moved in 5 years ago.

I love the way a shed, outbuilding or barn completes the landscape, giving plantings an opportunity to offset themselves from something.

Check out this slideshow for inspiration for functional or decadent backyard structures!