Aerating your lawn is a simple task that makes a big difference in the way plants and grass grow during the summer season. The most important reason to aerate your lawn is to clean out roots and leftover debris that can choke out new grass, and keep it from getting the moisture and nutrients it needs to continue to be healthy, and an asset to your home. Having clumps and tight spots in a lawn is also a disastrous recipe for attracting fungus that can spread rapidly, destroying a beautiful lawn.

What does lawn aeration do?

Aerating simple creates spaces in the ground so that the grass can have some extra room to grow. This allows for new plant life, oxygen, and even extra water. The process is not difficult, but it is necessary. It is very common to see actual divot’s taken out of the grassy area that result in pellets on the ground. Because grasses grow so fast, clearing out part of the root bed will keep the grass healthy and green.

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