Knowing how to create color flow throughout your home will help you pull together your overall design for a beautiful harmonious look.

Simple Tips on Achieving Color Flow

Selecting the right colors to connect your rooms starts with inspiration. Use a work of art that speaks to you, a favorite vacation spot, the colors of room accessories you find pleasing—anything can inspire your new palette.

Harmonizing color seamlessly is based on continuity. To achieve this, keep in mind that, although every room design is unique, any combination of colors with similar undertones will maintain the unified appearance you seek.

Here are a few simple, highly-effective ways to achieve paint color flow:

  • Choose one or two common colors for all of your rooms to share (the trim color, for example)
  • Alternate primary wall colors with accent colors between rooms (crown molding, French doors, shelves, a fireplace mantel)
  • Let each room’s color scheme be a slight variation of the adjoining room’s color scheme
  • Use the colors of your design accessories—artwork, draperies, area rugs, throw pillows, upholstery—to help transition the color palette from room to room.

Read the original article from Benjamin Moore for help in visualizing color combinations.