Featured Kohler Model: Dickinson sink in Black n' Tan

The apron-front, or farmhouse, sink is one of the most popular symbols of home and hearth. Particularly popular in vintage homes, from Victorians to bungalows to French country cottages, they are typically large and substantial, with a deep basin fronted by a broad “apron.”

While apron-front sinks remain an iconic element in traditional-style kitchens, they’re becoming increasingly popular in contemporary spaces as well, thanks to fresh twists on colors, materials and easier installation options.

Keeping pace

The appeal of apron-front sinks has evolved along with the kitchen, thanks in large part to their good looks.

“Apron-front sinks are like beautiful but oh-so-functional sculpture, and they provide a strong, dramatic focal point in a kitchen,” says interior designer Marianne Kohlmann of Milwaukee’s Blue Hot Design, “From an aesthetic standpoint, I really like the way these sinks can break up a run of base cabinets.”

For more inspiration on how to incorporate an apron-front sink into your new dream kitchen, read the full article from Kohler.

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