Many new homeowners are looking for efficient uses of space. I would like to share this article from one of my favourite inspirations sources, the Houzz website. This site is a mecca for ideas and this ideabook collection is no exception.

Yaletown Loft contemporary home office

As a kid, the thought of what could be under the stairs gave me an unsettling feeling. Maybe my parents were to blame for allowing a child with an overactive imagination to watch horror flicks — particularly ones with stair dwellers. Cue the chills and goosebumps. Now that I’ve become more courageous, I realize the place where hairy monsters and creepy spiders once dwelled is now a space full of possibilities and free of ghost and goblins.

Eager to find creative uses for an otherwise wasted space, I’ve compiled an ideabook full of great ideas on getting the most out of your square footage and banishing the bogeyman under your stairs — especially if he isn’t paying rent to live there.

Follow the slideshow below for inspiring ideas for use of this space