Digital entertainment is now commonplace in homes and digital equipment choices abound. Whether you choose a specific room for digital entertainment or incorporate it into the great room or family room, effective placement is a must for maximum enjoyment.

Padstyle is a decor inspiration blog and they have some simple guidelines on the setting up of your digital entertainment centre…

Image courtesy of padstyle

Believe it or not, the proper size and placement of your digital entertainment pieces can not only have an effect on the aesthetic of a room, it can determine how much you actually enjoy sitting on the couch watching that movie you’ve been looking forward to seeing. These tips will help you set up an entertainment center that will be enjoyable and will compliment the room.

  • Size – The biggest television is not always the best one. In fact, a screen that is too large for a space, especially one you are forced to sit too close to, will compromise visual quality.
  • Wall Placement – When hanging a flat screen don’t judge the height based on standing there looking at it. Sit on the chair you will normally spend your time in and you will notice that the screen needs to be hung much lower for you to be comfortable.
  • Hiding Wires – Nothing ruins an elegant room faster than wires hanging. If you are concealing wires in a wall, make sure that they have a UL-rating so there is no potential for a fire hazard. Don’t want to tuck your wires in your wall? Use wire guards, they stick to virtually any surface and you can paint them to match the color of the wall.

To ensure that your digital entertainment center doesn’t distract from the room, keep DVD players, gaming systems and remote controls tucked away neatly out of sight.