In a buyer’s market, the onus is on sellers to do everything possible to woo potential buyers and get a leg-up on the competition. Here we provide 10 stylish tips for increasing your curb appeal and closing that property deal today.


1. Fresh interior and exterior paint will go a long way.

Choose neutral colours that add as much light to the space as possible. The extra cost of going with low-VOC paint is minimal, but it will add major appeal for buyers and help you stand out from the crowd. To avoid a sloppy paint job consider a professional painting contractor, or at the very least be patient and spend time researching painting tips so as to avoid some common amateur painting faux-pas.

2. Spruce up your lawn or balcony.

These areas are associated with leisure so make sure it looks like a place new home owners would like to spend time. Scrub the decks, mow the lawn, reduce the clutter, get rid of old lawn furniture, weed, clip the brush, display fresh potted flowers, add an artful feature and create a cozy place to sit.

3. Repair any outstanding issues.

Everything should be in good working order from the moment a buyer and agent walk through the place. Leaky faucets, scratched hardwood, broken door handles- any of these things will stand out and weigh as heavy negatives to potential buyers. Time to get handy!

4. Clean everything.

Steam carpets, wipe down insides of cupboards, vacuum above floor and door trim to remove dust, fold clothes nicely in closets, mirrors should be spotless, open windows for fresh air and use natural and eco-friendly cleaners and air freshener to make your space ultra breathable. Buyers may be looking at brand-new homes in comparison with yours, so help them see that your place is like-new and you will have a better chance of competing against those pricy new homes.

5. Set the mood,

with a natural soy candle, a plate of fine cheese & crackers and a bottle of wine on the kitchen counter or island. Set a place card welcoming guests to help themselves. Play some soft jazz, no words, it will set a mood without overpowering the viewer. Put vases of fresh simple flower stems, budding twigs or young bamboo in all the washrooms. Bubbles in the bathtub? We think that’s taking it a bit too far. :)

6. Store extra and personal items AWAY.

Personal effects and extra-clutter can pigeon-hole your buyers into thinking that this space would only be good for say, “A large family. A single couple. A bachelor,” etc. De-clutter and leave it to their imagination how to fill in the blank spaces.

7. Get Up To Date!

Replace any old kitchen appliances with energy efficient, stainless steel. Upgrade lighting fixtures. Don’t skip on interior design accents like charming pillows and throws for your couch. Looking for ideas? Visit your neighbourhood home design stores and see what they are touting as the latest trends.

8. Hire a professional stager.

Unless you have time, money and the impeccable taste to display your home to its maximum potential on your own, hiring a professional stager is almost sure to make your place unforgettable in the minds of potential buyers- helping you decrease the time spent by your property on market and ensuring you get the best price from your sale. Budget an issue? Have a set maximum price you can afford to spend, and shop around until you find the right contractor who can work magic from whatever your budget.

9. Donate items to a local charity.

Ok so this isn’t exactly going to directly help you sell your place any faster, but it will help you contribute to your community and feel good about your big move.

10. Check out the Competition.

Visiting homes for sale in your area that are in and around the price range you are listing at will really give you a better idea of what level you need to come at to capture the buyer’s interest. This eye opening experience will put you in position to take selling your home seriously and should motivate you to achieve some of the tasks ahead.

Selling your home is a big undertaking, especially when there are so many properties on the market and so few buyers to appeal to. But it doesn’t have to be painful. Find time to enjoy the process and stay focused on the benefits you have in store when all is done. When things get tense, find something to laugh about. There is always a brighter side. We hope these home selling tips help you, and remember, you are not alone out there! Good luck sellers!

Article source: Pure Painters