If you are like most pet owners you love your furry members of the family, but you also feel like you have to sacrifice your sense of style in your home decor because of them. Whether it is because Sparky the dog is always biting on the corner of your leather couch, or it’s because Fluffy the cat leaves her fur on your velvet couch, there is hope. What you need are pet friendly interiors that can withstand the wear and tear of your pets, and still leave your home looking great, here are some tips.

Pet friendly furniture: When choosing furniture for your home, stick with furniture that has a durable fabric such as tweeds, durable leathers, ultra suede and microfiber materials. All of these materials will hide stains better, as well as stand up to wear and tear from pets. While no material is completely indestructible, leather furniture can get scratched and punctured with sharp claws. Also consider harder plastics, woods, and metals for furniture that will stand up to large and active pets.

Choosing flooring: Your home’s flooring takes the hardest abuse in your entire home, and pet friendly houses should think of their pets, as well as family and kid’s abuse to flooring when choosing. Carpeting with pets should be avoided if possible, especially heavy thick piled carpets. Pet stains, accidents, and cleanliness challenges will be difficult with carpet. Choose resilient flooring such as tile, wood, or even vinyl flooring. While hardwood flooring is beautiful, remember it scratches easily, so consider laminate flooring as an option. Choose flooring that reflects your home’s decor style, but will also be easy to maintain with the accidental “challenges” of pets!

Patterns and colors to camouflage: In your pet friendly home, opt for patterns and color as opposed to light whites and neutrals. Patterned textiles in your fabrics, wall coverings, and area rugs, will help camouflage stains, pet hair, and wear and tear. While this is not a substitution for cleaning, using multicolored fabrics in your interiors will keep your stylish interior from looking worn down quickly. For pet bed areas keep fabrics durable, and if you lovable furry pet uses the couch as their bed – consider using machine washable slipcovers on your furniture.

Keep breakables to a minimum: When decorating your pet friendly home, remember pets enjoy running around, and breakable art work, sculptures, electronics, etc… Should be housed off the floor away from accidental breakage. Hang art work on the walls and display collectibles in display furniture or on wall hung shelving. Keep loose cords from computers and electronics neatly bundled out of sight, and out of accidental tripping and knocking over by your pets. The more indestructible your home environment is, the happier you will be with your pet sharing your home.

Owning a pet for some is like having another family member! Living with your furry family member, shouldn’t mean that your home has to look boring and sterile to be ‘pet-proofed’. Use these tips to keep your home looking great, and not sacrificing on home decor style to do so. If you have toddlers around your home, many of the same rules apply for pets as you would do for your kids that toddle around the house. Love your interiors and keep you and your pet enjoying your home for years to come.

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