Baby, it’s cold outside.

And, as temperatures drop, heating bills tend to rise. Thankfully, there are some simple steps you can take to keep your home warm without having to touch that thermostat.

1. Close off unused rooms
Many of us have guest bedrooms or storage rooms that get very little traffic during the winter months. When you are not using a room for long periods of time, shut the door and close the heat vents inside the room. This simple step allows more heat to circulate in your used rooms; and, if the unused room has exterior walls, the closed door serves as one more line of defense between you and the cold weather outside.

2. Put up heavy curtains
A heavy set of curtains can help block wintry drafts from any home window or door. Curtains that have insulated backings are ideal for eliminating cold air from coming inside your home; however, any heavy-duty fabric will help. For those interested in an art project, sewing curtains can be a great afternoon activity, or you can simply purchase a set at any department store. Once the curtains are up, be sure to open them when the sun is shining to let heat inside. Once the sun goes down, close your curtains to better maintain the heat inside your home.

3. Use your fireplace
Fireplaces can add just as much warmth to your home as they do style. During the winter months, have a professional come and check your fireplace for any potential leaks or safety hazards. Then, get to burning! Start a wood collection and throw on a pile of logs any time the weather outside gets chilly. Fireplaces can add significant warmth to several rooms inside your home, not to mention they add a cozy element that is just unbeatable during those cold winter months.

4. Get to cooking
When the weather gets cold, opt to stay inside and cook a great meal instead of going out. Not only will it save you money, but it’ll also create warmth in your home. Stove-top cooking produces steam, which causes moisture levels to rise and adds warmth to your kitchen. And, with all the baking that wintertime holidays have to offer, cooking in your oven is the perfect chance to fully utilize your oven’s warmth. Once your food is ready, leave your oven door open and allow the excess heat to warm your house.

5. Reverse your fan
Most fans contain a switch that allows them to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. Since hot air rises, it is important to turn your fan’s switch so that its blades rotate clockwise during winter months. This motion pushes the hot air trapped on your ceiling downwards and keeps your house’s heat circulating efficiently.

By taking these few simple steps, you can keep the heat in your home up while keeping your costs down.

Source: Build Direct Blog