The Cross’ Peter Wilds on New Patterns and Textures…

The latest offerings in wallpaper will have you eyeing every surface in your home, scouting for an area that needs a little pick-me-up

This article includes feedback from The Cross’s in-house designer Peter Wilds to get some tips on navigating the new world of wallpaper. Nominated last year as one of House & Home’s stylemakers, Wilds has some creative ideas to help you incorporate wallpaper into your own home.

Why is wallpaper so trendy again?

Wallpaper has been huge in Europe for the last 10 years. The reason there’s such a resurgence is due to what wallpaper is today – it’s art. And it’s being done in an edgier and sometimes hotter way. Lines that we carry like Designer’s Guild and Timorous Beasties out of the UK are known for their graphic organic and geometric patterns in dynamic and modern colours.

What makes it fresh this time around?

Neutral colours are still timeless and essential to decorating, and there are countless wallpaper options that complement this scheme. What’s new is the texture, the shimmering quality and sometimes the edgy patterns.

Elements have been applied to paper so they have a raised texture – three dimensionality. Some papers have a shimmering quality, like a modern gilt effect, where natural and artificial light create a glow in the room. Patterns such as florals or stripes are bolder in scale. And sometimes the subject matter is unexpected and humourous.

The same goes for colour. Bold, confident and saturated colour plays a big part in where wallpaper has gone. Now wallpaper acts as a giant canvas in a room. This is where it acts as art.

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Source: BC Living, Style Lounge Blog