Thanks to Houzz contributor, Rebekah Zaveloff, for this wonderful article revisiting and often overlooked kitchen layout.

“For some reason, the galley kitchen layout has lost popularity in recent years, in favor of the L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen with an island. But the galley kitchen can be one of the best uses of space, employing the best layout for cooking.”

The trend away from the galley is partially due to changes in lifestyle of modern families. Kitchens are the heart of the home; in addition to food preparation, it’s where families hang out, do homework, pay bills, entertain and eat. People want a kitchen that houses everything from bulk goods, to a message center, to a mudroom if possible.

Technically, the term comes from the galley of a ship, train, or aircraft. It’s about maximizing the space available, and doesn’t include kitchen seating. Here are some purist (and not so purist) examples of why this layout works so well: