It’s a piece of Christmas mail that has made a difference to an untold number of people.

A prominent homebuilder sent $500 cheques to hundreds of its customers with a challenge to give back to the community during the holidays.

“The holidays make us think about sharing and going above and beyond the give back to the communities in which we live,” wrote Scott Haggins, president of Cedarglen Homes. “We have enclosed a $500 cheque and challenge you to find your own way to give back.”

Haggins said he and his staff began the innovative giving initiative last year with letters and a challenge to the company’s trades and suppliers. This year, Cedarglen Homes focused on its customers.

Haggins says it’s up to each person to decide what to do with the money, but the hope is they will pay it forward, which seems to be happening.

“I just received a note from one of our customers. He matched it and they went and found a family and made their Christmas for them. So things like this do make a difference,” Haggins said.

Source: CTVCalgary. Read full article here