Our parody on the Twelve Days of Christmas continues. We dare you not to sing them out loud!

Two steel-toed boots,

and a journal for my hopes and dreams!


Ah, my sweet and considerate darling. I had not even considered worksite safety. But with all this gear, do you expect me to build my own house? Actually, many construction site supervisors will not allow visitors onsite without appropriate safety geer. This may include safety shoes, hardhat, vest and goggles. With many trip hazards, loose construction materials, and power tools, this just makes sense. You don’t want to miss out on the experience of watching your house grow, so just embrace these items as your new fashion accessories. Did I mention that a number of manufacturers have taken color into account? You can now find safety geer in bright and playful colors. Yes, even pink like the Moxie Trades original below!

Stay tuned for all 12 days of building! Happy Holidays!