The following list of topics pertaining to backup power for your home is covered in the About Your House — General Series from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

You rely on many appliances and systems in your home for your health, comfort and security. Most depend completely on utility-supplied electricity. It makes sense to have a backup system that will keep your family comfortable and your home safe in a power failure.

This fact sheet has 10 tips about backup power systems. Following the tips, six basic types of backup systems are described. Also included are Generator Maintenance Tips (Typical 5,000 Watt Gasoline Engine)…

Topics covered include:

1 – Plan

2 — Depending on the Season, Keep the Heat In (or Out)

3 — Change to Energy-Efficient Appliances

4 — If Your House Is All-Electric…

5 — Decide What Needs Power

6 — Choose a Backup System

7 — Hire an Electrician

8 — Don’t Use Unvented Appliances Indoors

9 — Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

10 — Test Your System Regularly

Read the full fact sheet for details on how to stay safe and comfortable with your backup power plan.

Source: CMHC