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The perfect guest bathroom is a room outfitted with little luxuries!

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Guest bathrooms see a lot more traffic over the busy holiday period. Spend a little time and make it extra special. The following decorating tips will do the trick:

Stick with your theme
If you have gone all-natural with your decorating in the rest of the house this year, echo that theme in your guest bathroom with a decorative bowl filled with nuts, pinecones or oranges placed on the vanity or a shelf. You don’t need to replace the mirror, but why not string a garland around it? And make use of wall space (since counter space is sometimes limited in guest baths) and hang a wreath. It could even hang on the back of the bathroom door-a little surprise once someone’s closed the door on their toilette. The bonus: choose your evergreens well and their scent will perfume the room beautifully for much of the season.

Flower power
Fresh flowers never go out of style. Forced, white amaryllis or classic paper whites both look crisp and contemporary, particularly in a sleek marble bath in winter as well as summer. And who doesn’t love orchids? Fresh green long-lasting foliage, minus the blooms, is also a great way to go regardless of your style leanings, and for more traditional rooms, try timeless poinsettias in white, red or the many variations that inevitably hit the flower shops every year.

Dim the lights
You don’t want the bathroom to be startlingly bright after the cozy ambiance of the living and dining room, so make sure lights are on dimmers, and scatter some candles throughout. Hint: filling the tub and floating tea lights is a nice touch when you’re hosting an evening party with a house full of guests. And if your guest bath is a powder room, you can fill a big bowl or urn with water and float some candles to create a similar zen effect.

Pamper your guests
Treat guests with top-quality products – plush towels, beautifully scented hand lotion. Again, extend your theme: purchase those towels in the accent colour you have chosen for your holiday décor and make sure there are plenty of them.

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