Times are changing. Single women, whether career-first, single parents, or widowed are making up an ever-increasing portion of home buyers. We women tend to have different housing priorities than men and settle on nothing less than what is right for us. True to the female stereo-type, we will shop until we find exactly what we want.

An article in MSN Real Estate addresses this trend:

When it comes to house hunting, Kim Sliney is the first to admit she can be picky. After visiting — and vetoing — 37 houses, the single mom from Exeter, R.I., chanced upon her just-right fit: a newly built, $350,000 home that boasted a spacious  layout, killer walk-in closets and custom details such as crown molding, granite countertops and a gas fireplace — for no extra charge. How did she stumble upon this particular property? She was driving around in the area and saw a woman-centric sign by the entrance. “It was very intriguing,” Sliney says.

Men may think they run the world, but it’s women who are now getting the royal treatment from the housing industry. Indeed, housing-market watchers say that builders are working strenuously to win the hearts — and checkbooks — of female buyers. And with the economy punishing the sexes unevenly, single women have become an especially important force to be reckoned with in real estate. According to the National Association of Realtors, they now sign on the dotted line in nearly a quarter of all U.S. home deals — up from 14% in 1995.

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Of course, one of the best ways of getting exactly what you are looking for is to start from the ground up! No concessions, no compromises, no need to change or renovate. If a plan needs to be tweaked, you can do this before the first piece of sod is turned. Browse through the Drummond House Plans to find the home that is perfect for you. Plus, if it needs to be changed to make it perfect, our modification service can customize your plans to your exact taste.

When house plan shopping please note that Drummond House Plans kitchens and bathrooms are presented as a suggested layout. Of course, you will work with a kitchen designer and/or bathroom designer to make these personal spaces suit your needs.

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