Do you like to go against the grain? Buck the trends? Perhaps you order black coffee when buffed-up lattes are all the rage. Perhaps you avoid that novel that you secretly admit looks good simply because it’s on Oprah’s much-consulted reading list?

As winter approaches, along with a desire to fill the home with warm blankets and other comforts, do your own thing and minimize.

Yes, go for that clearing-out activity so commonly reserved for spring and create a pared-down zen atmosphere for the stillness of fall and winter. Take a look at this third installment of the IF YOU LOVE series, and remember that minimalism does NOT mean:

  • not having beloved things around you
  • creating a bare, cold atmosphere
  • throwing out everything

No, it means streamlining, simplifying, and slowing down. Didn’t DaVince say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication? In the frigid indoor season, you can still have things around you that bring you warming joy.

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