Home maintenance can seem like a daunting task. Thankfully there are many resources to guide you through the seasonal tasks to ensure that you protect the value of your home. Having a checklist is very helpful and the CMHC website has a helpful seasonal checklist  to guide you through the maintenance tasks required.

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation - CMHC

Home Maintenance Schedule

Regular Maintenance is the Key

Inspecting your home on a regular basis and following good maintenance practices are the best way to protect your investment in your home. Whether you take care of a few tasks at a time or several all at once, it is important to get into the habit of doing them. Establish a routine for yourself, and you will find the work is easy to accomplish and not very time-consuming. A regular schedule of seasonal maintenance can put a stop to the most common — and costly — problems, before they occur. If necessary, use a camera to take pictures of anything you might want to share with an expert for advice or to monitor or remind you of a situation later.

By following the information noted here, you will learn about protecting your investment and how to help keep your home a safe and healthy place to live.

Read on and keep this link handy for a 4-season checklist for home maintenance!