Here are some great feng shui bathroom tips that will bring prosperity and nourish your body, mind, and spirit from the best-selling author of Feng Shui Your Life, Jayme Barrett:

Water, Mirrors, Toilet, Door, Light Air and more…

Water… The bathroom is the space dedicated to cleansing and purifying the body. Soaking and unwinding in the bathtub, steaming and lathering in the shower, or simply splashing your face with water restores health and refreshes your emotions. The very presence of water renews your spirit. In feng shui, water also represents money. For this reason, indoor water fountains are recommended because they circulate prosperity energy in the home.

Conversely, the bathroom can cause problems because water is escaping down the drains and the toilet every day. The old adage “Don’t flush your money down the toilet” couldn’t be more true from a feng shui perspective. 
Toilet and Bathroom Door… You can implement feng shui enhancements to uplift the energy in your bathroom. To begin, you need to fully comprehend the toilet issue. As far as the drains go, the toilet is the most detrimental since it possesses the largest opening. In addition, the flushing mechanism creates a strong suction that pulls the energy downward and out of your home. Keeping the bathroom door closed and toilet seat down minimizes the loss of energy and money.

To further counteract the draining effect, the toilet should be as inconspicuous as possible. In fact, the best solution is to have a separate room with its own door for the toilet only. If the toilet is in the same room as your sink and shower, position it as far away from the bathroom door as possible. In essence, you want to make it difficult for energy to find the toilet. If you have enough space, hide the toilet with a partition such as a small wall or a chest with a plant on top. Hanging silk or beaded curtains is another option. 

Mirrors… Mirrors are highly recommended for the bathroom as they speed up and circulate energy. However, to avoid multiplying the dirty energy, make sure that a large mirror is not reflecting the toilet. In other words, you shouldn’t see your entire body when you are sitting on the toilet.

Light & Air… To energize the bathroom, invite sunlight and fresh air in with windows and skylights. The fresh air helps to dry out the bathroom, which tends to become damp and musty. If you do not have a window, open the bathroom door for a few minutes after a shower to air it out. Make sure the toilet seat is down. If there is no window in the bathroom, use full-spectrum bulbs in the overhead lighting fixture which simulates natural sunlight and boosts healthy energy.
Night-light… You can strengthen the overall energy of each bathroom by adding a night-light, up light wall sconces, one healthy plant, and rubber stoppers to cover your drains when they are not in use. Keep the night-light on twenty-four hours a day and place the plants higher than the toilet. To raise the energy exponentially, place a tabletop water fountain on the sink or shelf allowing it to run continually. Do not place a water fountain on top of the toilet since it will double the dirty energy.

Keep it Clean… Lastly, keep your bathroom clean, windows sparkling and bring in the spa feeling with candles, flowers and soothing artwork. If you follow these recommendations, you are sure to feel refreshed and secure that your money is staying put inside your home!

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