More and more blogs are popping up to share information on the topic of “aging in place”. I was lucky enough to receive a posting alert that helps to define aging in place to those who may not be familiar with the term.

August 16 post – “A home for a lifetime” blog

Sometimes when you work in an industry you use specific terms or acronyms that other people might not have heard of. It’s easy to forget that other people don’t know what you’re talking about. For instance, earlier this year I took a marketing class and the woman teaching the class confessed to me that she thought the words “Aging in Place” were a typo. I was surprised at first, but then I realized that unless you’re thinking about aging in place, you might not come across many references to that phrase in your day to day life.

It turned out that no one in the class had heard it either. So I explained that when we say Aging in Place, we mean living in the same home as you get older, remaining independent as your needs change. Once that was explained everyone agreed that the phrase made sense – but it had to be put in context.

Out of curiosity I asked my Facebook friends to tell me what THEY think

“Aging in Place” means. For the most part, my friends are in their 20’s and 30’s so I was pretty sure none of them are really thinking about their retirement yet. The results of my survey were pretty funny, and I didn’t get anything close to what I mean when I say aging in place. But I did notice some interesting themes.

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