Source: Harmony Life Design – Laurie Bornstein

Front doors are the entrance to your home and the first impression the world gets of you. They give you a hint of the home beyond.

Whether you enhance your front door or not, it plays an important part in the perception of the character and personality of your home. The question is, is what it reflects what you want to see?

I once read that if a home were a one-man show, the front door would play the lead. Why? In the home, the door does it all. It provides protection from the elements, safety for the inhabitants and as the entrance to your home it also creates a sense of welcome by setting the tone. It’s much more than curb appeal.

It may greet you with the vibrancy of beautiful flowers, or the beauty of a carved design, or the rich, full colors provided by stain and paint, or it may greet you with the fresh energy of a well cared for space.

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