Source: Financial Post – Business Wire, July 21, 2010

Built Green Canada – which earlier this year expanded across Canada – has increased the options for green building practices by introducing a Renovation Program and Guide in addition to its checklist for new construction.

“The Built Green™ Renovation Program & Guide is timely because so many people are upgrading their homes to make them more energy efficient,” David Bengert, President of Built Green Canada, said today. “It was developed with input from builders and renovators, allowing them to choose from a checklist of more than 290 action items that address everything from energy efficiency and water use to material selection and homeowner education.”

To date, more than 14,000 homes are enrolled in the Built Green™ program, and the first renovations will be certified this fall. The renovation program was created for Built Green Canada by a team from the Canadian Home Builders Association of British Columbia, which included renovators, builders, community representatives and industry experts.

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