72 hours
72 hours

Earthquakes, landslides, wildfires, tornados, storm surges, floods – all of these have been in the news recently. Families have escaped with the clothes on their backs and little else.

In a perfect world, help is a mere phone call away but what if phones are down? What if emergency services are overloaded? What if you are on your own? Are you prepared to take care of yourself and your family for 72 hours?

Thankfully, there are many resources to help you prepare yourself and your family to weather most storms. Standard Emergency Preparedness outlines three basic steps:

     1. Know the risks

     2. Make a plan

     3. Have a kit

These steps are outlined in the Government of Canada site, “Get Prepared

The Official Twitter page of Public Safety Canada’s “72 hours” emergency preparedness campaign, http://www.twitter.com/get_prepared is a good quick resource for current issues and thought-provoking topics. Twitter users should follow this feed or take it a step further and subscribe to the RSS feed.

Additional emergency preparedness information, including printable brochures can be found at the Insurance Bureau of Canada Website.

We can’t stress the importance and an emergency kit enough. Please take a moment to watch the video below for simple instructions on how to prepare your emergency kit. Just remember, stay calm and stay safe!

How to prepare a family emergency kit - in plain English
How to prepare a family emergency kit - in plain English