Bulls and Bears: Which way are we really going?

Posted by CalgaryMortgageBlog.ca on June 25, 2010

Being an avid news reader, I note that on a daily basis there seems to be a dramatic swing between the Bulls and Bears, the optimists and the pessimists. At best, the news media outlets are a machine that exists to funnel the latest and greatest bits of information to our eyes and ears, for our digestion and use in our day to day lives.  The paradoxical nature of ‘sex sells’ and ‘drama is news, news sells papers’ sometimes leads to conflicting messages through the news channels.

How does this apply to the Real Estate Market, or even better, the Economy as a whole?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been fed several conflicting messages, from the “chicken little-esque” sky-is-falling messages of “Alberta MLS sales forecast marked down for 2010” and “Calgary’s building permit values plunge in May” all the way to “Economy to grow briskly: RBC”  and this morning’s ”House prices likely to rise 5-7% – Conference Board“.  So… what’s it going to be?

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