All this week, we have been featured topics near and dear to dads’ hearts – grilling, media rooms, hot tubs and man-haven garages. At the top of the Father’s Day weekend, we are sharing some ideas on how Dad can keep his weekends free. After all, why should he be putting life and limb at risk when he could be enjoying the activities and family  he loves!

The top 10 Time-Savers (including links for further reading):

  1. Gutter guards – to save time cleaning out slimey leaves and debris
  2. Robotic lawn mower – great in small spaces or for entertainment during martini-hour
  3. Xeriscaped yard. – Easy to maintain, low water requirement landscaping.s
  4. Automatic sprinklers – for most efficient way to achieve an emerald green turf.
  5. Skip painting the house – Install fibre-cement siding with 15 year paint warranty.
  6. Install fibre-cement trim or warrantied real wood trim
  7. A composite deck prevents slivers and reduces maintenance time.
  8. Apply thick, thick mulch to prevent weeds
  9. Natural gas BBQ – no more tanks to fill, no running out during cooking!
  10. Install a robotic pool cleaner. Your pool will be cleaner, and you will need fewer chemicals!

We hope you’ll find inspiration or education in our reading recommendations. Enjoy this special family weekend!