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The May long weekend is upon us and the promise of spring is all around. The long weekend can be relaxing, productive or both! Just in case you are wondering what to do with your first long weekend, we have compiled our “top 10” list of activities:

1. Open the cottage.We have recently blogged on this topic. It is time to bring your recreation property out of hibernation to allow for maximum enjoyment for the rest of the summer.

2. Plant a veggie garden. The May long weekend is traditionally a safe time to plant all of your vegetables. The risk of frost is virtually past. If you are a novice to the art of planting veggies, fear not! Growing veggies, is fun and the product is rewarding. If you don’t have a family member or neighbour with a green thumb, the Internet is a great place to become an armchair market gardener. Great reference sites include:

3. Garden Centre Tours – Once you know what you are planting (or even if you do not!) a trip to your local garden centres is in order. Just remember that potted plants are fragile and need to be pampered until you get them in the ground. Allowing them to dry out, even once, will affect the health of the plants. Because of this, resist the urge to over-purchase. You can always do a trip back to pick up more.

4. Road trip! – This is a great time to be a local tourist. Pay a visit to your local tourism centre and get a local attractions guide. You can do several day trips or a weekend excursion which ties into the next item…

5.  Camping – The May long-weekend is often the first major camping weekend. Campsites are normally at a premium so you are best to book a site before leaving to avoid disappointment. Critical grocery items? Graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. Camping is just not the same without S’Mores!

6. Build a deck – Summer living often involves a lot of outdoor living and great decks help with staycations –  vacations in your own back yard! If you are very visual, try an online tool  like the one at TimberTech to help you get a better idea of what your deck will look like. And don’t forget your building permit!

7. Time for a new BBQ? If your old BBQ just doesn’t cut it anymore, it may be time to look for a new one. What better way to kick off the vacation season than grilling something special! If you are not sure which BBQ is best for you, this article may be helpful.

8.  Build a shed. Many home improvement stores include shed kits which can be quickly and easily assembled. If you are looking for something a bit more substantial, check out the DrummondHousePlans shed and storage collection. As always, make sure you have a building permit if one is required.

9.   Shakeout cruise! The May long weekend is often the first outing in the family pleasure craft. It is important to note that all Canadian boaters operating a powered watercraft for recreational reasons in Canada need a Pleasure Craft Operator Card or they risk a $250 fine. If you haven’t already written your exam, you can actually do so online.

10. Property hunting. On the May long weekend, realtors notice a marked spike in the number of clients who search for “that perfect place” for either their next home or vacation getaway. Most places look attractive at this time of year. Remember the property selection mantra… “location, location, location.” And when you have the perfect location, let the friendly staff of DrummondHousePlans help in the selection or customization for your perfect space.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, and be sure to play safe and stay safe!


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