Insulated formwork is an interesting option for residential foundations.  As the formwork remains in place after the cement hardens, it assures a superior energetic performance.  Moreover, the cement poured into this formwork is maintained in better curing conditions which improves its quality and limits the number of cracks.

Starting from the foundation’s footing, the walls of the foundation are mounted by superimposing hollow blocks made of polystyrene.  In order to ensure the base of the formwork is leak proof urethane is projected beneath the first row.  Steel armature composed of vertical and horizontal bars is inserted in the blocks, which gives the foundation a superior resistance to cracks.

Once the wall is mounted, the cement is poured.  Leak proofing is assured by a waterproofing membrane placed on the exterior insulation beneath soil level.

The choice of insulated formwork is certainly a step in the direction of lasting development.  Among the causes of deterioration of cement, humidity is at the top of the list, while a bad curing is responsible for the appearance of cracks.  Leak proofing and curing the cement in such conditions increases the longevity of the foundation.