To tell the truth, this question is asked frequently!  It is obviously not easy to give a precise cost due to the imponderables that are connected to it.

First, it depends on the type of ground on which the garage will be built.  You can choose among various foundation types such as monolithic floating slabs or monolithic floating slabs that reinforce the periphery in order to properly receive exterior walls and any other attachments. Already, a variant in the amount of  1000$ to 2000$ may be applied. In most case, a monolithic slab would prove to be less expensive.

Will you hire a builder to build the entire garage, or only the structural part and you will do the rest to save money?  Your choice here will result in a cost variation of between 3000$ to 5000$ that you must consider if you hire specialized manpower.

Will your detached garage be insulated to enable you to do odd jobs all year round?  Will it be erected with 2 x 4’s or 2 x 6’s? Technical-wise, will you have electricity, heating and plumbing in your garage?  There are other important elements that have considerable influence on building costs. We can easily say there is a variance of 2000$ to 3000$ if not more. Of course, this is according to the size of the garage.

Finally, many garage plans suggest bonus spaces at the ceiling for additional storage. Will this space be built as planned or will it be eliminated and built with trusses and a window? If you opt to keep this extra space, will it be insulated or only done in plywood?

You will now understand that with all these possibilities, it becomes very difficult to set firm construction costs for a detached garage, but since you have taken the time to read this article, here is an example that could serve as a reference guide.

To order garade plan 2975-16: 1-800-567-5267 Plan no.2975

Let’s say that you are interested in the detached garage no. 2975-16, which is 16’ wide by 24’ deep. You are planning to erect it with 4 vinyl sides on a monolithic foundation with 2 x 4’s, as well as with the bonus space planned on the upper floor but not insulated. A minimum of electrical facilities is included but there is no plumbing or heating. The cement footing, the structure and the roofing (finishing of these steps included), would be done by the contractor whereas you would be responsible for both the interior and exterior finishing. Well, this garage should cost approximately 14500$

You can review Drummond House Plans’ detached garage plans, and order the one that fits your housestyle!