7 romantic decorating ideas for Valentine’s day

7 romantic decorating ideas for Valentine’s day

If you are short on ideas for Valentine’s day and have someone special that you want to impress, here are 7 ideas that won’t break the bank.

To start out, make sure that you have candles, flower petals, red accessories (blankets, cards, stuffed animals, etc) and perhaps a bottle of their favorite wine!

1. A heart of roses on the bed

Spread out rose petals in the shape of a heart for a charming and romantic touch that is sure to please !

Décor romantique avec pétales

2. …and a little more….

add to the romantic feel by adding candles !!!

Décor romantique dans la chambre

3. A comfortably romantic bath

Petals, bubble bath, candles, chocolate, wine… everything to enhance the mood !

De la mousse et des pétales

4. Romance in the bathroom

To keep the romantic mood without over decorating, how about a bath with candles, some strawberries and some champagne !

Un bain romantique

5. A romantic walk

Creating a lighted pathway will also enhance the ambiance and guide the object of your affection to your romantic encounter

Décorer le plancher pour la St-Valentin

6. Be romantic

Here’s a fun idea that is sure to bring a smile to their face! Frozen flowers that will add colour to your Valentine’s celebration!

Idées pour la st-valentin

7. A candle lit dinner

What better a way to show your appreciation than with a delicious, light supper served in front of the fireplace to enhance closeness!

Un souper près du foyer

Happy Valentine’s decorating to all!


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