Alphabet inspired design

Alphabet inspired design

Style trends in interior design vary cyclicaly but one style that is always in fashion is decorating with letters. Depending on the look that you’re after you can vary the ambiance with the font from historical to modern, family or festivities oriented, etc.
Before you begin, it’s good to know that each letter does not need to be significant on its own (if they do all have particular meaning, that’s even better – if not that’s O.K. too!)

Here are a few ideas which might help inspire you

Seasonal whimsy…

Why not decorate with lettered pillows?

How about decorative letters!

In a child’s bedroom…

What about some of those favorite words!?!

Letters in a frame…

In the baby’s room….

The choice is yours, we would be happy to see what you come up with!

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Designer for Drummond House Plans, in charge of social medias and contributor for our blogs and forums since 2012, and more recently, in charge of the production of new home illustrations. I gratuated from UQÀM in Environmental Design. As you have probably noticed from my work, I have always had a fondness for residential architecture, especially interior / exterior design and layout. My current favorite style is a blend of rustic and contemporary which blends the coolness of industrial design with the warmth of natural materials, as you can see throughout my articles!

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