November 30th, 2012
By Vivian Martin
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In the past the house with the biggest brightest display was coveted as ‘best’. Just think of Sparky Griswald’s quest in Christmas Vacation. Times have changed but your enjoyment of the season does not have to. You can enjoy all of the holiday cheer without increasing the load on your local power company or your wallet.


Do you know how effective LED lights are?

Indoor LED lights for tree and decoration


LED (Light Emitting Diode) Christmas lights use up to 95% less energy than their large traditional counterparts and last up to 100,000 hours when used indoors. Over a 30-day period, lighting 500 traditional holiday lights will cost a fraction of their incandescent alternatives plus if one of the LED bulbs burn out, the rest of the strand will stay lit.

Power Savings on outdoor lights

Similar to the lower energy use of indoor LED lights, you have all of the energy savings on outdoor lights or, even better yet, consider the new solar LED outdoor light options that are now available.

Finally, what to do with your old incandescent light strings?


Source: via Drummond on Pinterest


Many retailers have special trade-in promotions to convert to LED lighting or your local recycle depot may help divert your defunct lights from the landfill.

That’s all for me for now… Now I must string a few more lights to catch up with the Griswalds next door…

2 Responses to “Christmas Lights: Keeping up with the Griswalds”

  1. Alpha Lights  Says:

    There is a competitive streak in most neighbourhoods, dads come into their own at Christmas and want to out do each other. There is a a lot of oneupmanship as each Dad tries to have the brightest and boldest Christmas lights.

  2. vmartin  Says:

    Agreed! I have also seen some cheeky neighbors deal with a clever lighted “ditto” on their homes to compliment rather than compete! Visit our Pinterest page for a great example!

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