The New (Smaller) Great Room

The New (Smaller) Great Room

Subtle partitions can add intimacy to the classic open floor plan… 

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Homeowners are embracing a new sort of great room — one with a few walls rather one space all blown out, cased openings, L-shaped rooms and sitting areas off kitchens without (horror!) a TV. When I think of a classic great room, I think kitchen, dining, and family room or living room with a TV stacked one after another. But I’m loving these new smaller and compartmentalized “great” rooms. I’m a huge fan of creating intimacy in homes, even when you’re working with a large open space. Follow the slide show to see a few rooms that illustrate some of these elements.

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  1. JEANETTE ALKASSEM at 4 h 56 min

    Yes, I do agree with you. Along with my sister has free space in her backyard & I suggested her to put a deck. So we can enjoy & throw parties at weekend. One of my friends said I can approach Rhino Deck for safe & comfortable deck. I am thinking to hire them. So any feedback about them greatly appreciated.

    • vmartin at 9 h 39 min

      Thanks for your feedback Jeanette. Decks and outdoor rooms are all the rage as they expand your living space. The best advice I could provide is the same as hiring any contractor… Get references, confirm warranties on materials and labour and by all means get it in writing! We cannot recommend the use of specific products but searching the web for consumer reviews is also always a good idea. Good luck with your project and enjoy the upcoming outdoor season!

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