Cool Things to do with Chalkboard Paint

Cool Things to do with Chalkboard Paint

You can turn virtually any surface in your home into a blackboard with chalkboard paint. You apply it just like any other paint. Then invest in a box of chalk and an eraser and you have your very own reusable, eco-friendly list maker, drawing surface, calendar—you name it!

Drawing a blank? Here are a few creative ideas!

Source: via Benjamin on Pinterest


Need more inspiration? Look to the Benjamin Moore Pinterest board “Chalk it up” or visit their website for more creative ideas!

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  1. designer kitchens at 21 h 41 min

    I want to paint the front of my refrigerator with chalkboard paint. Right now it is painted blue. My question is where do I find chalkboard paint? Also if anyone has any tips or hints about using it please let me know… Thanks 🙂

    • vmartin at 10 h 19 min

      Thanks for your question. Chalkboard paint is available through many paint stores. You may need to ask for it, but it is becoming widely available. There are even paint formulations that are magnetic! Just visit a paint specialty store and they should be able to help you.

      Happy decorating!

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