12 Ways to Add Beautiful Stone to Your Home

12 Ways to Add Beautiful Stone to Your Home

Ackerly Park ~ New Albany, Ohio traditional kitchen

When it comes to building materials, stone has been admired for its longevity and beauty since the oldest dates textbook history can reach. We all know that Egyptian pyramids have been around for many, many years, and although we have come a long way since building with stone blocks weighing as much as 15 tons, the use of stone is still going strong.

Many large-scale projects such as walls or columns have been replaced by the use of stone veneer because of its ease of installation. But when it comes to landscaping, real stone still takes the lead. There are few better ways to warm a space than through the use of beautiful, rich-colored rock, and the opportunities to do so are endless. Read on to see 12 great uses of nature’s most rugged gift.

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