Plan of the Week – “Tried and True Bungalow”

Plan of the Week – “Tried and True Bungalow” - Plan # 2294-V1 - Plan # 2294-V1

When we talk about a popular bungalow, we have to mention our plan 2294 from This plan has been popular throughout North America, often with subtle modifications.

The major difference on this model is that the front elevation is almost entirely covered with brick. Inside, we have added almost 50 sq.ft to the activity area and more than 60 sq.ft to the garage to accommodate a staircase for direct basement access.

Additional noticeable changes are the change to an open concept, divided only by the addition of a three-sided fireplace. The kitchen has been enhanced with the addition of an island and walk-in pantry. The bathroom has an added independant 46″ x 50″ shower.

Finally, the washer-dryer is now positioned on the main level for single-storey convenience, as often requested.

Please also review original model 2294 and related model 2296 for further options. And always remember that we specialize in customizing our plans, so if you love the style but want additional features, we’ll be happy to work with you to customize your design.

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  1. Elizabeth at 3 h 42 min

    The house is very beautiful and attractive. I humble request you to send me the plan so that I may build it and be a two bedroom house because I don’t have money. I am from Swaziland and I a Government Employee, I earn a little salary and its my wish to build such a beautiful house step by step.

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